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Saturday, 01 April 2006


The CultureGhost

But the rules of basketball mandate that SOMETHING MUST HAPPEN EVERY 24 SECONDS.

Baseball has no such rule. In fact nothing can happen for an entire baseball game and they will keep on playing until something happens.

A game where one team does absolutely nothing, the winning team is said to have had "a perfect game." Perfect my ass, it's bloody boring.

Now instead of threatening to punish players who might be taking drugs, the league should insist on drug abuse as a requirement for playing the game. And not just steroids. Narcotics. Hallucinogens. Massive quantities of alcohol. It would make the game almost bearable.


omg.i read nietzsche during forced watchings of baseball games. soccer, way more my speed.

The CultureGhost

Nietzsche seems far too "dramatic" baseball...Sartre's "being and Nothingness (not that I've ever gotten more than 60 pages into it) seems more appropriate for baseball.

That would make a good "contest" for the blogosphere...match philosophers with various sports (and provide a quote).


ha. Heidegger would win every time. he's got something for everything. or, maybe, everything for something. satre's, good though, for being utterly noth-ful and paired with baseball, which is n't far from that.

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