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Friday, 21 July 2006


The Culture

Not to exploit your situation, but I think it would make for a fascinating read (and very illustrative for the rest of the nation as to the state of our health care system) if you were to write a series of articles about your experiences. You are well educated, have an engaging writing style and a sharp sense of humor. A document of your direct experiences in a magazine format (I'm thinking "NY Times Magazine" or "The New Yorker") would be of great benefit as we all struggle to reform this ridiculous system that passes for health care in the U.S.

OT: How hot is down by you? We hit 112 yesterday. Supposed to "cool off" to 107 today.


hell, ghost, if i exploit it, i may have money enough for the 89,000 meds i take.

the only thing is, my situation applies to a small percentage of people in the US. i have myriad chronic conditions (how many people do you know with brain tumors?) and i can't work. i'm almost eligible for medicaid, but even that's a crapshoot. all this at 30. to play the devil's advocate on this, more people would find it "quaint that the mentally ill, scarred, tumorous girl with no money" was able to write with any semblence of knowledge of past vs. present tense.

OT: i've stopped caring how hot it is, just that the a/c is set below "temperature of hell" the grass on the lawn died.

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