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Sunday, 19 November 2006



Interesting post.
In Australia there is a mix of public and private health facilities. We have national health coverage(medicare) for all residents regardless of employment . Contributions are made through income tax( 1.5% of taxable income)which funds the public system. There is an additional 1% surcharge for those earning over $50,000 p.a.This is waived if you have private health insurance, the idea being that using your private cover for elective procedures reduces the burden and waiting lists in the public system. Medications are subsidised under the Perscription Benefits Scheme (PBS). The PBS negotiate directly with drug manufacturers in order to keep prices down. New drugs are evaluated against exsisting treatments on the PBS. If a drug has marked benefits (supported by research) compared to an exsisting drug then a higher purchase price will be negotiated. If it has no benfit over an exsisting medication then it is only eligble for the same purchase price from the government.

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