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Friday, 15 December 2006


The CultureGhost

My mechanic (since the only thing psychiatrists do these days is med management, I now call them mechanics) said once again the schism over whether or not to treat BP with anti-depressants is raging once again. He said there is a small, but vocal, group who do this every few years. He then asked me if I wanted to try Lamictal...no thanks. I always thought Lamictal sounds like the name of a third rate Shakesperean henchman.

If I could just figure out how my six week cycle really works and then tailor my med consumption accordingly, I would be onto something.


mechanic is a good name for them. personally, i don't know why they don't jump at the concept that a hypomanic/energetic bipolar could be a good thing. maintaining "bleh" is so.... you know...craptastic.

i beat mine at his own game by having been on damned near every med (including Verapamil!) he could think up to ask me about, and reporting whyyyy it was a good/not so good med. like "well, topamax works frontal lobe manias, and i'm lucky enough to have that..."
In yer face, mofo.

where the hell have *you* been, oh ghost of mine?

The CultureGhost

There must be something universal about this condition for "bleh" is the exact word I used when I saw my mechanic this past Wednesday. He laughed and asked if he indeed should write it down on my chart. Might as well for "bleh" has been about my state of affairs.

I'm probably running a low grade depressive episode right now and for the past few weeks. Probably triggered by the SigOt having a near miss with a major depressive episode. I tend to retreat into a high function-utilitarian mode of operation. Vigilant and productive, but not creative nor enjoying life much. Sort of bored with it right now. Would greatly welcome a hypomanic edge for a few days so I might rekindle my enthusiasm for living.

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