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Wednesday, 28 March 2007



I agree 2 1/2 is too young but there are differences in tantrums for bi-polar kids. They seemingly cannot control them, they are stuck in a rage cycle. If you'd try to parent through one of those, you'd clearly know this was more than just a generic kid tantrum.

My daughter is bi-polar, ADHD and mildly depressed. Yesterday she hit me and damn near knocked me down the stairs, it wasn't anything new. She has called the police before, picked up knives and more. She just turned nine.

She's been in therapy and working with a psych since she was five. Our only good luck is that we are well insured and also able to get her all the resources she needs.

She takes lexapro, lamictal and ritalin. However the doses are carefully managed and we don't vary from the schedule, good or bad. She has days where she is a terror but that doesn't mean she gets more meds, that just means she is struggling that day. We review her meds and levels with her psych but overall, we work as much as we can on coping and anger management.

It is a slippery slope when you start giving meds in degrees of how the day went. A parent really can't judge dosing and varying the doses messes with the kid's concept of what is going on. My daughter already can parrot some of mine and the psych's language that we've used in setting up the meds (meaning it is BS she is using more an excuse).

Medication isn't to control a child, it is aid them. We view the meds as just helping her focus and give her some extra help to try to count to 10 before she explodes. There is still a lot of work to done in terms of behavior modification. So it someone was dosing their child with more and more meds as their whim struck, then I suspect they didn't do NEAR enough therapy and work. They short changed her in many ways.

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